I salute you, Christopher

I salute you, Christopher/ I
salute your life/ How you played the dice. / Your words will live in us /
timelessly insane / explosive, fresh, and wise. / Some will just forget
/ some will close their eyes / some will turn the tide. / I salute you
Christopher / whiskey raised and downed / You risked, and you took the
crown / Console yourselves / that a scientific death is better than a
fairy tale / of the eternal life / Control yourselves / because the man
in the sky is a tyrant and a lonely psychopath / dreamed up to steal
your minds / A horseman on a trial / A brilliant gentle wreck / with a
brutal mouth for press / No submit, no compromise / Saint Christopherof
the truth / and the destroyer of smoke screens and threats / They will
learn to see in time / they will think before they refuse / the
civilization rules / I salute you Christopher/ I declare you as our King
/ or Queen, depending on your mood...

Music People
wear your little smiles / With the decadence you suffer every night /
All the glitter, all the luxury / But you belong to the industry, baby /
The trials of your fame / And the boredom of your critical acclaim / In
your wreckage of reality TV / You belong to the isndustry, baby / All
you people / Music people / That don't feel others / Don't be afraid, we
will remember you forever / I challenge you to think / To use the mouth
that you abuse with to create / Or to disappear with dignity / Because
you belong with the enemy / All you people / Music people / That don't
feel others / Don't be afraid, we will remember you

Volatile Times

at me, what have I become / I am lost I was once a gentleman / But the
thief came out in old London town / So I must leave you now / But I will
remember the ups and the downs / Goodbye my friends / Goodbye to the
money / Adieu to the fuckers that think that it's funny / I just want to
turn the lights on / In these volatile times / Look at me in the
apocalypse / My European guilt, expecting instant fix / I iamgine all
the brutal services / Of ancient infidels / Of all the wounded and the
crying witches / I drove through countries like a marching funeral / In
the search of fools and utopias / Along the lonely roads with all the
empty human suols / Filling their heavyhearts / With slum religion and
Coca-Cola / Every book is read and I'm paralyzed / Every fist is
clenched, but I'm so tired...

Fire and Whispers
Do you
wanna be the animal to take me apart / Break my patience / Corrupt my
sacred art? / Do you promise to be with me if I beg and I crawl ? In my
darkest mood / Through the private wars? / Will you stay... / Even when
the drugs have gone? / For it won't be long / Before I tumble / Turn
into the anxious clown / That just just won't come down / In fire, in
whispers / I would die for a million years / I promise to be your rock
star / But then promises don't mean anything anymore / In the summer of
2005 was the correcting / Of excuses / Of our need to win / To ourselves
we lied we could be the new beginning / Digging up treasures / Taking
the time to love and to live and to sin / And you stayed... / Even when
the drugs were gone / So I sing this song / To you on our island / Of
never-ending poetry / It's just just you and me / In fire, in whispers /
I would die for a million years / I promise to be your rock star / But
then rock stars don't mean anything anymore...

and me in our playhouse / Living in a veil / We never need to go
without / Memories bring no joy or peace / We are alone / And all we
need / Tuning out of the poison / Every waking day / Intolerance to
overcome / Fortunes won by the boys with the guns / We are alone /
Nowhere to run / Bernadette / Youa re my liberty / I celebrate the day /
That you changed my history / Life and death / Will always lead you
into love and regret / But you have answers / And I have the key the
door of Bernadette / Winding down our emotions / Family and friends /
Becoming ghosts to dream of and pass on / Time will erase every face
every name / We are alone / No-one to blame...

Ghosts of Utopia

are haunted by the turmoil of your lives / Walking circles / Crossing
lines / And it is tearing up your souls, all this fury / Jumping hurdles
/ Just to abide / You are drowning in the sorrow of a bilion opinions /
Nobody can hear you / Nobody can hear you / This is psychosis / This is
psychosis / This is a jigsaw blown apart / You are the ghosts of Utopia
/ You're the conquered stars / The divided hearts / You are the ghosts
of Utopia / You're the miracle / Of America / Every time you learn, you
don't regret / All your hurting / All your debts / Because the wife and
kids won't help you to forget / The emergency / Of your secrets and your

Commanded by Voices

I may walk the
streets / But you are alive inside me / I've been holding on so long /
Invader / Miracles, yes, I've seen / You are the strong, I am the weak /
It's raining and it's so cold / Invader / Commanded / My name is the
war on the 80 percent / By voices / My name is the void, collecting her
rent / Commanded / My name is Fellini, my name is Chopin / By voices / I
will blow away with the dust, I know who I am / I may walk the streets /
In bliss tainted misery / With the dope in you and the dagger in me /
Invader / So watch, we self-implode / We car-crash on an empty road /
Bound by our lust and our vulgar woes / Invader

Into Asylum

the lovers of the evidence / And in the name of every heretic / Kick
kick / Break up the dogma / And flush the toilet of this god shit / Kick
kick / We can walk into asylum / Somebody throw out the life raft /
Somebody hold on to it

Cold Red Light

They cover
your mouths / When they poison your children / And everybody cries / But
everybody's with them / Do they give you what you want? / There's a
cold red light / And a cynical future / But your mind is in chains / And
your body's not the answer / Faith is not enough / Sex is not enough /
Drugs are not enough / Love? / Black Daddy Bank Nazi / Is knocking at
your door / You will always be the weak / You will always be the poor /
But does he give you what you want? / Starve Pray Hate Fuck Die

Beautiful Town

grew up blind just like everyone's child / In the warmth of milk and
deceit / Smothered by love and the chemical dust / There was never
enough to believe / They chewed me up, they spat me out / Of their
system and onto their street / And the rest of my life was a sprint to
forget / All the greatness that could never be ? Oh beautiful town / I
remember you blacker than night / The whores and the sick-mouths, the
bad taste / And the neon lights / Oh beautiful town / Where are you now
with your binge insecurities? / I shut you down, beautiful town /
Because you tear your children ? Into pieces / Absence twisted with
fondness ? Is the horror I couldn't forget / Programmed in the grat art /
Of family, lies and debts / Too much expectation / Followed by hope and
then hate in the mess / And the rest of my life was a glorious test /
Of my will and my selfish neglect / On the floor boards under insolent
feet / I mapped the hopscotch to my parents' retreat / With a lavender
bag in my hand / And words of desperation on my tongue / Good night
father, good night mother / Are you still awake ?

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