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There's an open window and I can go through / to the life of others there's nothing I can do
Действующее сообщество по IAMX. Всем вэлком!;-)


Первое сообщество instagram на @дневниках. Вступайте, приглашайте друзей и обменивайтесь кадрами из своей жизни.


See everybody wish to porn that superstar... But when it comes true, how true you are
привет от создателя сообщества, забывшего пароль:pink::pink::pink::pink::pink::pink::pink:

Очень очень прошу=) поможем талантливому человеку!

Голосование бесплатно.

ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ПОСЛЕДНИЙ ДЕНЬ ГОЛОСОВАНИЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

голосуйте, если понравилось. а если лень смотреть-то просто...плизззззз:beg::beg::beg::beg::beg::beg::beg::beg:


Volatile Times - new clip

this is how it goes
Доброго всем вечера!)

Для меня это очередное прекрасное творение Криса Корнера и его команды, которого мы все так долго ждали!
Долгожданный выход клипа "Volatile times"!

Всем желаю приятного просмотра!

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Концерт в КИЕВЕ

"Музыка - мое божество и единственная любовь, которая никогда меня не покидала." (с) Вилле Вало
инфа с офсайта:
22.10.2011 TBA, Kiev, Ukraine
The second IAMX club tour 2011, Into Asylum Tour, will start on Oct 1st in Ankara and ends on November 5th at Meet Factory in Prague with very special guests.
и это СУББОТА! Крис точно нас любит:heart:


сканы буклета


сканы буклета с точными текстами -- все подробно еще не прочитывала , но в Dance with me уже увидела неточность относительно того, что выложили здесь прежде, так что нужно и остальные тексты просмотреть )))


эх, люблю я этого человека: в некоторых песнях среди vocals, guitars, synthesizers и прочих инструментов есть admiration, tears, schizophrenia, desperation и даже gymnastics!!!!

а еще интересно, какая из фотографий называется "Money Christ"? и нет ли тут игры слов - Christ/CHRISt?

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кстати, айэмиксы-то все заболели((((

скорейшего выздоровления, ребята!!!!

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see the cat? see the cradle?
У меня возник такой вопрос. Не было ли интервью, данных по поводу нового альбома?
В частности, меня очень интересует песня ''I salute you Christopher''.

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Переводы Volatile Times

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
Стащено :shuffle:

I salute you,Christopher

Я приветствую Вас, Кристофер.
Я приветствую Вашу жизнь.
Как Вы играли в кости.
Ваши слова будут жить в нас,
бесконечно больны, взрывоопасны, свежи и мудры.
Кто-то забудет,
Кто-то закроет глаза.
А кто-то вернется.

Я приветствую Вас, Кристофер.
Виски-до дна.
Вы рисковали, и забрали венец.
Утешайте себя, что научная смерть лучше, чем сказка о вечном.
Контролируйте себя, потому что человек в небе - тиран и одинокий психопат, мечтающий ук-расть ваш разум.
Всадник на суде.
Блестящее и благородное крушение, для грязных ртов прессы.
Никакого подчинения, никаких компромиссов.
Святой Кристофер за правду и уничтожение дымовых завес и угроз.
Они будут учиться предсказывать, и думать, прежде чем отказываться от правил цивилизации.

Я приветствую Вас, Кристофер.
Я обьявляю Вас Королем, или Королевой
в зависимости от Вашего настроения.

Ещё? ;)

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Тексты Volatile Times

I salute you, Christopher

I salute you, Christopher/ I
salute your life/ How you played the dice. / Your words will live in us /
timelessly insane / explosive, fresh, and wise. / Some will just forget
/ some will close their eyes / some will turn the tide. / I salute you
Christopher / whiskey raised and downed / You risked, and you took the
crown / Console yourselves / that a scientific death is better than a
fairy tale / of the eternal life / Control yourselves / because the man
in the sky is a tyrant and a lonely psychopath / dreamed up to steal
your minds / A horseman on a trial / A brilliant gentle wreck / with a
brutal mouth for press / No submit, no compromise / Saint Christopherof
the truth / and the destroyer of smoke screens and threats / They will
learn to see in time / they will think before they refuse / the
civilization rules / I salute you Christopher/ I declare you as our King
/ or Queen, depending on your mood...

Music People
wear your little smiles / With the decadence you suffer every night /
All the glitter, all the luxury / But you belong to the industry, baby /
The trials of your fame / And the boredom of your critical acclaim / In
your wreckage of reality TV / You belong to the isndustry, baby / All
you people / Music people / That don't feel others / Don't be afraid, we
will remember you forever / I challenge you to think / To use the mouth
that you abuse with to create / Or to disappear with dignity / Because
you belong with the enemy / All you people / Music people / That don't
feel others / Don't be afraid, we will remember you

Volatile Times

at me, what have I become / I am lost I was once a gentleman / But the
thief came out in old London town / So I must leave you now / But I will
remember the ups and the downs / Goodbye my friends / Goodbye to the
money / Adieu to the fuckers that think that it's funny / I just want to
turn the lights on / In these volatile times / Look at me in the
apocalypse / My European guilt, expecting instant fix / I iamgine all
the brutal services / Of ancient infidels / Of all the wounded and the
crying witches / I drove through countries like a marching funeral / In
the search of fools and utopias / Along the lonely roads with all the
empty human suols / Filling their heavyhearts / With slum religion and
Coca-Cola / Every book is read and I'm paralyzed / Every fist is
clenched, but I'm so tired...

Fire and Whispers
Do you
wanna be the animal to take me apart / Break my patience / Corrupt my
sacred art? / Do you promise to be with me if I beg and I crawl ? In my
darkest mood / Through the private wars? / Will you stay... / Even when
the drugs have gone? / For it won't be long / Before I tumble / Turn
into the anxious clown / That just just won't come down / In fire, in
whispers / I would die for a million years / I promise to be your rock
star / But then promises don't mean anything anymore / In the summer of
2005 was the correcting / Of excuses / Of our need to win / To ourselves
we lied we could be the new beginning / Digging up treasures / Taking
the time to love and to live and to sin / And you stayed... / Even when
the drugs were gone / So I sing this song / To you on our island / Of
never-ending poetry / It's just just you and me / In fire, in whispers /
I would die for a million years / I promise to be your rock star / But
then rock stars don't mean anything anymore...

and me in our playhouse / Living in a veil / We never need to go
without / Memories bring no joy or peace / We are alone / And all we
need / Tuning out of the poison / Every waking day / Intolerance to
overcome / Fortunes won by the boys with the guns / We are alone /
Nowhere to run / Bernadette / Youa re my liberty / I celebrate the day /
That you changed my history / Life and death / Will always lead you
into love and regret / But you have answers / And I have the key the
door of Bernadette / Winding down our emotions / Family and friends /
Becoming ghosts to dream of and pass on / Time will erase every face
every name / We are alone / No-one to blame...

Ghosts of Utopia

are haunted by the turmoil of your lives / Walking circles / Crossing
lines / And it is tearing up your souls, all this fury / Jumping hurdles
/ Just to abide / You are drowning in the sorrow of a bilion opinions /
Nobody can hear you / Nobody can hear you / This is psychosis / This is
psychosis / This is a jigsaw blown apart / You are the ghosts of Utopia
/ You're the conquered stars / The divided hearts / You are the ghosts
of Utopia / You're the miracle / Of America / Every time you learn, you
don't regret / All your hurting / All your debts / Because the wife and
kids won't help you to forget / The emergency / Of your secrets and your

Commanded by Voices

I may walk the
streets / But you are alive inside me / I've been holding on so long /
Invader / Miracles, yes, I've seen / You are the strong, I am the weak /
It's raining and it's so cold / Invader / Commanded / My name is the
war on the 80 percent / By voices / My name is the void, collecting her
rent / Commanded / My name is Fellini, my name is Chopin / By voices / I
will blow away with the dust, I know who I am / I may walk the streets /
In bliss tainted misery / With the dope in you and the dagger in me /
Invader / So watch, we self-implode / We car-crash on an empty road /
Bound by our lust and our vulgar woes / Invader

Into Asylum

the lovers of the evidence / And in the name of every heretic / Kick
kick / Break up the dogma / And flush the toilet of this god shit / Kick
kick / We can walk into asylum / Somebody throw out the life raft /
Somebody hold on to it

Cold Red Light

They cover
your mouths / When they poison your children / And everybody cries / But
everybody's with them / Do they give you what you want? / There's a
cold red light / And a cynical future / But your mind is in chains / And
your body's not the answer / Faith is not enough / Sex is not enough /
Drugs are not enough / Love? / Black Daddy Bank Nazi / Is knocking at
your door / You will always be the weak / You will always be the poor /
But does he give you what you want? / Starve Pray Hate Fuck Die

Beautiful Town

grew up blind just like everyone's child / In the warmth of milk and
deceit / Smothered by love and the chemical dust / There was never
enough to believe / They chewed me up, they spat me out / Of their
system and onto their street / And the rest of my life was a sprint to
forget / All the greatness that could never be ? Oh beautiful town / I
remember you blacker than night / The whores and the sick-mouths, the
bad taste / And the neon lights / Oh beautiful town / Where are you now
with your binge insecurities? / I shut you down, beautiful town /
Because you tear your children ? Into pieces / Absence twisted with
fondness ? Is the horror I couldn't forget / Programmed in the grat art /
Of family, lies and debts / Too much expectation / Followed by hope and
then hate in the mess / And the rest of my life was a glorious test /
Of my will and my selfish neglect / On the floor boards under insolent
feet / I mapped the hopscotch to my parents' retreat / With a lavender
bag in my hand / And words of desperation on my tongue / Good night
father, good night mother / Are you still awake ?

как раздобуду Dance with me - запощу ;-)

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Свежие видяшки с концерта в австрии))

видео с концерта в австрии)))))))))) - Music People -Nightlife - Commanded by Voices - F&W - Cold Red Light - GOU

зы: подскажите как встроить видео здесь, что-то я не разобралась(((
Зызы: отмечаю официальный релиз Времён!! пью за здоровье Криса!! чирз!!

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sleepless elite

скачать без 1й песни.

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45-секундные превью к песням volatile times

крис и компания определённо дразнят нас! но нам ведь нравится, правда? ;-)

мм?? мнения, впечатления? что хотим услышать целиком больше всего?

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Fire And Whispers - ещё одна песня с нового альбома!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire And Whispers

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Ghosts of Utopia (Official music video)

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IAMX выступят 28 мая во Львове на фесте "Старе мiсто"

инфа с официального фейсбука --
так что, думаю, можно доверять)))

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IAMX - Ghosts of Utopia - новая песня, премьера на чешском радио 23_01_2011

это актуально тут?
IAMX - Ghosts of Utopia


Сайт с переводами

соблюдайте конституцию
Я думаю, вам понравиться, отсылайте свои переводы, опубликуем.
Есть такой сайт с текстами песен IAMX и Sneaker Pimps с нормальными переводами и еще некоторыми бонусами.
вот тут

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соблюдайте конституцию
У кого еще нет неофиц ДВД IAMX Berlin 2004?
тут можно скачать одним файлом или через торрент
Без кабаре и макияжа, темная пробирающая электронщина.

ПС: Давайте дружить сообществами)

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it`s just a jump to the left

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"lost in translation" vol.2

the brainwash came free. love you, leave me.

Chris Corner & IAMX